Mother’s Day means something different to everyone. For some, the highlight of the day is opening handcrafted cards from the grandchildren made with lots of glitter and lots of love. For others, it’s about enjoying a traditional roast dinner with all the family gathered around the table. Whilst others may prefer a day of quiet contemplation, reflecting on fond memories of their own mother.

If you haven’t quite made up your mind how you’d like to spend Mother’s Day this year, take a look at our suggestions of how to make it a special day for all the family to remember.

The origins of Mother’s Day

Wondering why we celebrate Mother’s Day? The tradition goes back many years when Christians would visit the church in which they were baptised, also known as their ‘mother church’, on the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Mothering Sunday traditions have evolved over the years – from the gifting of violet posies to the eating of simnel cake. Today, it is not just a time to celebrate traditional mothers, but also step-mums, aunties, grandmothers, and other significant female figures who play an important mothering role in our lives.

Ways to celebrate 

Enjoy a family feast: If you love cooking, why not prepare a seasonal dinner of traditional roast lamb with all the trimmings. Decorate the table with spring flowers and gather everyone around the table. For those who aren’t so keen in the kitchen, take advantage of the fact that Mother’s Day should be a day off and instead ask your dinner guests to each bring a dish.

Reflect, remember and reminisce: Mother’s Day is an ideal time to reflect on your journey as a mother. Dig out the photo albums, scrapbooks and keepsakes and share your favourite stories of your children growing up. Share memories of your own mother and grandmother, and talk about the food, places, songs and sayings that remind you of them.

Pass it on: Take Mother’s Day as the perfect opportunity to pass on a skill to your children and grandchildren. Show them your favourite crafts, teach them to sew, share a special recipe or impart some words of wisdom that have got you this far!

Celebrate Mother Nature: What better day than Mother’s Day to celebrate Mother Nature? Enjoy the great outdoors, whether that’s hiking up a hill, feeding the ducks at the local pond, or simply taking time to get some fresh air and listen to the birds in your own back garden. Make a day of it and get the whole family involved in some nature activities – create a bug hotel from whatever old pots and sticks you have lying in your shed, fill up your bird feeders, or plant a tree so you can compare how much it and the grandchildren have grown by next Mother’s Day.

Think of other mothers: Mother’s Day is the ideal time to think of others and provide help and support to those who might need it. Whether that’s giving up your time to volunteer, or by giving a donation to charity – there are lots of ways to offer assistance to the less fortunate. The likes of Refuge and Women’s Aid provide vital help to victims of domestic abuse, and charities such as Tommy’s and Bliss do amazing things for parents and premature babies. Whichever cause you choose, it’s good to give.

Just be together: If the pressure of making it a ‘perfect’ day feels a bit much, just arrange time to simply be together with family. Relax, enjoy a cuppa together, go for a stroll around a local park – it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s about making time to connect with each other. If logistics are an issue and you can’t physically get together, come together via the internet and enjoy a video call or play games together online.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Brio

As a thank you to mothers and grandmothers everywhere, refreshments will be available at all Brio Retirement communities on Sunday 19th March, completely free of charge. Invite your family along to spend some quality time together in your home, explore the grounds, then let us spoil the amazing female figures in your life. 

At Beechwood Park and Button House a FREE glass of fizz or non-alcoholic beverage will be available.

For Landale Court, FREE glass of fizz or non-alcoholic beverage will be provided with a meal which is to be pre-booked. To find out more about out Mother's Day meal visit here, discover the menu here.

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