Christine Marsh is a proud homeowner of a Brio Retirement Living apartment at Beechwood Park in Stow-on-the-Wold, in the beautiful Cotswolds.

From the moment Christine begins to talk, you’re captured by her zest for life and the knowledgeable twinkle in her eye. Don’t let age deceive you, “I refuse to let a number on my birthday card dictate how I will live my life”, she laughs. Christine is one inspirational woman with a past full of phenomenal life experiences, world-wide travel and a life changing near-death experience. Here, she tells us about her new life at Beechwood Park and the imminent launch of her book …

Thrilled with her home at Beechwood Park, Christine shares: “If you can’t be happy here, you won’t be happy anywhere!”. Her positive outlook on life is infectious – and thankfully she’s now decided to share some of her experiences and wisdom in a brand-new book entitled Flashpoint Transformation: Life's Choices.

“I’m a great believer in embracing life,” Christine says. “Hence my decision to do exciting things – like deciding on my future direction and a new home at Beechwood Park earlier this year.”

“I was living in our family home, a stunning large 4-bedroom Cotswold stone property on a country estate. It was our dream home – one both my husband and I had ogled for 16 years as it was being renovated, and eventually we moved there 30 years ago. I met my husband Colin when I was 17, but sadly lost him just before Christmas 2020.”

Christine revaluated her life, and shares her experiences from when she decided it was time to move. “I was advised to put my home on the market, sell up and then find somewhere to live – but that’s not me! I did lots of research and visited lots of properties – many of which I found very depressing as they seemed to be a one-way ticket to nowhere. I’d written down my wish list and was thrilled when I visited Beechwood Park as it genuinely ticked every one of them! I craved space, a balcony, stunning views, within walking distance of a village, plus a lively community spirit – and that’s exactly what I’ve got. It really is perfect here.”

Breaking the mould, Christine has used her move to a retirement community to advance her career as an author. Her new 96-page book is designed to be a taster, to give you easy access to her accumulated wisdom and provoke you to take stock of your own life’s path. Plus, the bonus of three inspiring true-life stories from her respected friends and colleagues, who have achieved their desired goals. 

Christine’s believes life is not linear but circular. She reflects on her life spanning 18 years of age to 81 - when she re-kindled her artistic talents.

The book also contains extracts from her challenging nomadic childhood. Christine’s father served in the military, and she was born during his time in India. She had a variety of educational experiences in both Singapore and the UK, as his postings determined where her family moved to, but this also meant she had the wonderful opportunity to experience life in different countries and explore different cultures.

Her book focuses on the impact of her life’s experiences as a daughter, sister, wife to Colin, mother to Alison and Rachel, her life as a corporate highflyer, and starting her own business – Prime Objectives – at 50.

Christine feels age should be embraced and, more importantly, what life learnings can bring to the younger generations and those fearful of the negative connotations age can bring: “What’s age got to do with it? We have no sell by or best before date!” adds Christine with a youthful grin.

“I’m looking forward to my book launch – it’s going to be a great event! We’ve an eclectic guest list from members of our business community, journalists, friends and work colleagues old and new and of course my family – including my new family at Beechwood!

“A talented cocktail bar man is creating a special cocktail for guests to enjoy either as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic delight - to be called “Flashpoint”.

“I’m in a very happy place. Life is good and I have no intention of stopping – life is for living and that’s exactly what I’m doing here at Beechwood!”

Christine’s book Flashpoint Transformation: Life's Choices will be available at the book launch. To find out more and register your interest please visit here.

"I’m in a very happy place. Life is good and I have no intention of stopping – life is for living and that’s exactly what I’m doing here at Beechwood!”

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