Christmas Jumper Day 2022
Thursday 8 December

We will join millions of people up and down the country, to make the world better with a sweater!

Will join us too? Suggested donation of £2.00

This year will be TWICE as good as before. Every time you donate £2, the UK government has totally promised to give £2 to Save the Children too, through UK Aid Match.

No new jumpers needed! You don't need to buy a brand new sweater! You can buy a secondhand Christmas jumper from Save the Children shop, visit one of their charity shops across the country, borrow a friends... Or why not make your own jumper? Just grab any old thing from the back of the cupboard and cover it with stickers, felt, tinsel, glitter, baubles, whatever. Yule look woolly wonderful!


Brio are taken part to help support this great cause - will you join us?

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