Our community at Button House in Hackbridge is surrounded by green space and places for you to indulge your love of the great outdoors.

Research suggests that a connection with nature supports cognitive function, physical health and psychological wellbeing. The joy of a blooming flower, a meadow full of poppies or a sunflower opening on a summer’s day...these connections between humans and nature promote happiness and fulfilment.  

Closer to nature

Quite simply, feeling closer to the natural world helps to make us feel good. That's why we embrace nature as part of the design of our communities. Our homes at Button House have lots of natural light, private outdoor balconies, great views and landscaped grounds that all help residents to feel more connected with nature.  

Green space right on your doorstep

Beddington Park is just a few minutes’ walk from Button House. Take a stroll in this beautiful park and you’ll feel like you’re right in the heart of rolling countryside, with over 100 acres of grassland and trees, a boating lake, pond, and wonderful riverside walks.

Take in the tranquillity of the the River Wandle which runs through the park, head out on the boating lake, and finish it all off with lunch at The Grange – located in the stunning lakeside building on the edge of the park. Carshalton Park, Oaks Park and Mitcham Common offer more beautiful open spaces within a ten-minute drive.  

Find out more

Space, fresh air and nature are all in abundance at Button House, so we’re sure that you would love to take a look around! 

Simply get in touch with our friendly team on 07552 246502 to find out more or arrange a viewing (by appointment only) and let us show you our wonderful community.

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