As you’re growing up, most of us are told that we should want the biggest house possible, living like a Hollywood movie star in Beverly Hills, but with a huge home comes a huge amount of cleaning, tidying, maintenance and stress, particularly as we get older.

This is why ‘rightsizing’ is a modern trend worth thinking about.

‘Rightsizing’ isn’t downsizing, it’s not about giving up the kind of lifestyle you’ve always had for something less, it’s about swapping it for one that can offer you so much more and in circumstances that are right for where you are in your life.

A report by the Centre for Ageing Better found that just 7% of UK homes meet the most basic accessibility standards, but many older people still refrain from moving somewhere more suitable until a sudden crisis means they have to.

However, homeowners want to rightsize for a variety of reasons, according to research by Key Retirement, with 53% saying they struggle to maintain their current property, while 42% were concerned about the cost of bills and 27% were concerned about the cost of upkeep.

If these are concerns for you, why wait until you have no choice when you can find your ideal new home and move in hassle-free?

Moving to one of our Brio Communities means taking all of the stress out of rightsizing, because we work hard to make sure you don’t have to. If money is a concern, we take care of all of the conveyancing fees associated with your move and will contribute £2,000 towards your agency fees.

When it comes to the practicalities of the move, we’ll also help you declutter by helping you get rid of items you don’t want to keep (by disposing of them, or recycling or donating them, as appropriate) as well as helping you pack up what you are keeping and transporting it to your new home at Brio.

When you get here, we’ll unpack for you, help you get your furniture in the right places to maximise your space and even put up any shelves or do any other little DIY jobs that are needed to get you settled in.

While you’re getting settled in, we’ll take care of that one last niggling job that can often by the most irritating part of any house move – changing your address with your bank, building society, loyalty cards, and so on.

If rightsizing feels like the way forward for you, there’s lots of reasons why a move to a Brio community can be the right way to do it. Our Brio Care packages are tailored and bespoke to your individual needs, so you can have just as much or as little care and support as you need.

Have a look at some other reasons you should choose a Brio community for your next home.

Brio Retirement Living is developing and operating brand-new retirement communities in England and Scotland.

These include Brio Landale Court in Chapelton, Aberdeenshire which is open now with homes available from £242,000, and Brio Beechwood Park in Stow-in-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, which is set to open in Spring with prices starting at £350,000.

Find out more about what your life could be like at one of our communities by getting in touch with our team.

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