Many of us are planning a staycation this year and hoping to make lasting holiday memories at home. Whether you leave your home or stay and create a holiday theme to enjoy, we’ve listed some ideas below to make the most of a holiday in the UK.

Head to an outdoor destination such as a beach or park. There are some beautiful outdoor spaces all over the UK to make the most of. In fact, some of the most picturesque beaches are in the UK, so you’ll never be short of some fantastic scenery to enjoy (even if the weather isn’t so great!)

Visit a part of history. There are lots of castles, ruins and historic buildings that are soaked in culture. Many are free to visit and this type of trip is great, especially if you have children or grandchildren who enjoy the tales of the past.

Discover your local green space. Enjoy a picnic with family at your local park in the sunshine. Create a theme and make the most of the sunshine with a BBQ and even a cocktail or mocktail to make it really feel like you’re abroad!

If you would rather stay within the comfort of your own home, there are lots of ways you can enjoy a holiday without leaving the house.

Why not dig the tent out of the cupboard, pitch up in the garden and sleep under the stars? This is a great idea for kids, parents and even grandparents! If you don’t have a garden, you could build a cosy den indoors. Don’t forget the midnight snacks!

You could get the whole family involved and create a taste of Italy. Include the kids and make some pizza dough –  add your favourite toppings or attempt some homemade pasta – it’s always lots of fun when everyone gets involved.

These are just a few ideas, but there’s lots to do to staycation at home this year. Stay safe and enjoy the Great British summer.




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