At Brio, we’ve engaged extensively with our customers, stakeholders and colleagues to pinpoint exactly what customers want, need and expect.

It’s led to the creation of a unique and comprehensive customer journey map, the blueprint for our service and something which is of huge benefit to those who want to create a new life in one of our retirement village communities…

“Customer insight is crucial for us,” explains Brio CEO Jane Barker. “Without knowing what our customers want, it’s impossible to deliver a high quality that people value.”

In the past year, Jane’s team has undertaken a wealth of research to better understand the wants, needs and expectations of modern retirees. “Expectations are high,” adds Jane. “But ultimately we are working with people going through the emotions of leaving their family home and making perhaps one of their last house moves.

“Anything less than perfect is unacceptable in this process, and that’s why my colleagues and I continue to explore the intricacies and ensure our services match what’s expected.”

Research was carried out amongst various key stakeholder groups, namely Brio homeowners, prospective customers and those living in competitor communities. A wealth of feedback culminated in the creation of the our Customer Journey Map, which addresses each important stage of a customer’s journey; Jane continues: “The journey considers every emotion and milestone – from the second a customer starts thinking about making the move, to the physical process of moving, to the aftercare we provide to help them settle into their new home.”

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Primarily this is done by establishing our brand in new communities, raising awareness of how our communities can help people make the most of their lives. A wealth of literature and online information is prepared, and outreach undertaken, ensuring that people in and around our chosen locations can access every little detail – and that every question is answered.

“Those who then enquire about Brio homes are invited into our communities for a look around,” adds Head of Care Kelda Fasasi. “There can be multiple meetings and points of contact at this time; it’s not a process we encourage customers to rush through as we want them to really test out life in our communities, immersing themselves and seeing what’s on offer first hand.”

For customers then making the decision to move into a Brio retirement community, a wealth of services are at their fingertips; Kelda continues: “Every single homeowner is appointed a dedicated moving in co-ordinator, someone who is on hand to ensure the process is smooth.

“We can help with the legalities and the conveyancing process, even through to the physical necessities like packing up their existing house and transporting all of those treasured possessions to their new home.”

And after that, homeowners can just get on with enjoying their new life, cultivating a lifestyle which suits them within a Brio village community. Jane concludes: “We give a warm and reassuring welcome to all of our new homeowners.

“From a personal welcome gift, to a tour of the community, to bookings in each community’s brasserie and bar, to regular visits from our team – we want each and every homeowner to feel thrilled with the decision they’ve made.”


If you are keen to find out more about any of our retirement communities or how we can help you make your next move, please contact us for further details.


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