We’ve all heard about the desperate war against plastic and how we can help save our planet, but it all feels easier said than done. However, a little can go a long way and here’s 12 ways you can reduce plastic in your home.


  1. Try to choose the ‘pick your own’ options at the supermarket. Plenty of fruit and veg have their own protective packaging and will need just a simple wash before eating. If budget allows, visit a green grocer, as there is much less packaging involved.

  2. Although most of us try to avoid being stung by the five pence per bag at the supermarkets, single use plastic bags are still a big issue. Get yourself some bags for life that will not only save you money but also have a huge impact on the environment.

  3. Sick of throwing away large plastic bottles after finishing off shampoo, shower gels and soaps? Why not swap to shampoo and soap bars? They last much longer than liquid bottles and are often filled with natural ingredients that are much better for your skin and hair!

  4. How often do you find yourself out and about and leaning toward the easy option of a meal deal? Get yourself some decent Tupperware and a funky reusable bottle and pack your lunch – it’ll be much fresher and much cheaper than buying it.

  5. Have a little one or a baby on the way? Why not try replacing disposable nappies with reusable terry cloths? It works out extremely cost effective over time and they’re happy on your baby’s bum and the planet! Not sure where to start? Here’s an overview. There’s also plenty of reusable sanitary products for women on the market too.

  6. Go old school and get your milk bottles delivered! Services such as Milk and More offer a ‘rinse, return and repeat’ service, meaning you never have to run out of milk again! They’ll even deliver other fresh produce such as fruit and veg.

  7. Is cling film your best friend in the kitchen? Try investing in some wax covers or silicone wraps which do the same job but you can wash them afterwards. Storing things in Tupperware is also a greener way to avoid plastic wrap!

  8. Is anyone in your family a fan of fizzy drinks? Rather than buying big bottles of pop filled with sugar, why not invest in a Soda Stream and create your own flavoured beverages.

  9. If you have the time on your hands, why not try making more things that are homemade? Avoid packaging by making your own pasta, bread and cakes – these ingredients will usually come in bags that can be recycled and you’ll feel like an absolute boss for making something yourself.

  10. Did you know that most chewing gum is made of plastic? No wonder we’re not supposed to swallow it! Try replacing gum with mints instead.

  11. Replace your plastic packets of dishwasher and washing tablets with powder in cardboard boxes. Not only is it better for the environment but you’ll often find you get more washes for your money.

  12. Remember the great toilet paper shortage of 2020…? Why fight over the last remaining pack when you can order online?! Companies such as Who Gives a Crap deliver toilet roll in a cardboard box with paper-wrapped rolls with no plastic. Plus, you can get a subscription so you never have to run out again! Refer a friend and they even give you £5 off.

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