Turn your home into a winter wonderland as our interior designer Anna Perivolari shares her tips and popular trends on how to merrily decorate your home just in time for Christmas.

Keep it simple and natural

Less is more. Keep your decorations simple and elegant, reductionist and light. Accessorise your home with festive ornaments inspired by the Nordic and Scandinavian aesthetic, which is renowned for purity and simplicity. One or two basic colours and themes will be plenty.

For a dreamy, winter wonderland feel, try a snowy white and eucalyptus green colour combination:

Create dark and light contrasts

Use a combination of one bold and one expressive colour. Using a selection of the two colours will give you a more vibrant and warmer textural feel to your room and display.

I would suggest using the following bold colours deep burgundy, dark blue, grey, brown or the classic forest green – combinations I particularly love and feel work together. Whereas expressive colours tend to have more metallic elements like patina, rust and oxygenic iron.

Alternatively, you could bring your Christmas Day table settings alive with a rust hue - somewhere between red, orange and brown - or dark blue, deep green, purple can bring a certain cosiness and energising hint.

Create a dreamy atmosphere with vintage details

Give your old decorative ornaments a fresh twist by using vintage glass ornaments, that demonstrate old craftsmanship, combined with blush pink and nude shades to create a gentle, dreamy feel.

Get creative and eco-friendly

In a green-conscious world, try using natural and organic materials such as pinecones and fresh green branches, twigs of eucalyptus, evergreen, spruce, and moss to create a traditional winter aesthetic. I love the back to nature feel of this individual place setting, it brings a touch of the outdoors inside. Here you can utilise your old, rustic ornaments or even DIY Christmas decorations ornaments for extra festive fun. It’s time to get creative, be more sustainable and reuse and recycle wherever possible.


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