Achieving a showhome look in your own property may sound challenging but it’s easier than you think. Brio’s interior designer Anna Perivolari reveals some simple steps that will help you bring a touch of luxury and style to your home.

1. Work with what you’ve got

Every home has its own unique features and qualities, which could help you to enhance its overall design and appearance. For example, if a room has lots of natural light, try to find ways to maximise this by stripping back furnishings or using mirrors.

2. Consider shape and height

The shape and structure of the spaces in your home can also influence your design. To highlight high ceilings for example, the use of verticals stripes on select walls can help enhance the sense of space. This is something we’ll be doing in the bungalows at Brio communities.

3. Keep finishes neutral

Using neutral colours on the walls creates a more subtle appearance throughout your home which you won’t you need to change in years to come. Grey is very popular at the moment as it offers a timeless but sophisticated look.

4. Add a splash of colour

Complement neutral finishes with soft furnishings in accent colours. Dark blue looks great with metallics and also helps to create a sense of luxury. A palette of yellow can brighten up a room or if you want to create a focal point, for example around your sofa, you could use a small amount of bold wallpaper on the surrounding wall.

5. Don’t follow fads

There’s no harm following design trends but try not to be too influenced by themes involving bold patterns or colours. It’s better to aim for a timeless look which can be easily changed in the future by replacing accessories or soft furnishings.

The same approach applies in bathrooms. Tiles in neutral colours and textures should remain on trend for years to come and save costly replacements.

6. Keep bedrooms cosy

Your bedroom should be a calm and relaxing space, so don’t be tempted to use bold colours on the wall. Large, upholstered headboards can look really stylish but also make the space cosy and comfortable.

7. Make it a home

Online platforms like Pinterest are great for inspiration but make sure you put your own stamp on your interior design. Personal items such as ornaments from trips and photographs will ensure your house looks like a home.

8. Make a statement

Artwork is a great finishing touch but don’t clutter the walls. Throughout the communal spaces at Brio, we will be using one statement piece of artwork. In the home, this helps you to appreciate it more and creates a talking point.

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