As we open the doors to two stunning new retirement living communities, our interior designer Anna Perivolari talks about the practicalities of designing interiors for our communities while making them look stylish and contemporary.

"The modern retiree is seeking a vibrant environment for life's next stage. Interior spaces need to be engaging and have evolved rapidly in recent years, seeking inspiration from current design trends and the expectations of today’s retiree.

"The internal spaces within Brio's retirement communities promote good health, interaction and well-being. We’re creating uplifting environments within the contemporary nature of the architecture which is softened by interventions of scale, texture and warmth through the finishes, colour palettes and lighting we adopt.

"Interiors reflect the local area and culture, while also reflecting market trends. So, for example, at Brio Beechwood Park in Stow-on-the-Wold we have used natural finishes and organic colour palette which are inspired by the architecture and rural setting of the Cotswolds.

"Facilities in our communities are located around a central core – the hub – which has an emphasis on natural light and contemporary furnishings that are easily adaptable to allow for a variety of uses.

"The design approach and colour palettes used for social and communal areas take into consideration the physical changes of the maturing eye. We use a warm neutral palette to enhance ambience and create a more comfortable, cosy environment.

"Colour and how light reflects against it contrasts between floor and walls, while furniture and flooring makes people with declining eyesight feel safer and more comfortable. We use organic tones, and saturated hues in contrast with playful palettes to create vibrancy.

"Other safety considerations are incorporated using subtle design techniques. For example, a light reflectance value (the percentage of light a paint colour reflects) difference of up to 30 points is used for pillars and other structural elements in walkways. This means they can be seen from a reasonable distance. Contrasting bands of colour can also be used to highlight obstacles and wayfinding."

It’s all in the finish

"Contemporary interiors still need to be safe and durable, and a lot of this is achieved in the finish. Every little detail is considered, and the appropriate materials sourced.

"Finishes on the walls will vary in texture and colour to provide visual interest, using a mix of matt emulsions, matt vinyl wall coverings, tiles and specialist finishes, such as decorative wooden panels and other textured surfaces.

"The main floor finishes in communal areas are wood, stone/wood vinyl plank, vinyl rolls for heavy duty areas, impervious-backed fitted carpet and ceramic or porcelain tiles. Non-slip finishes are used throughout.

"Window treatments are simple, elegant and theme related. Simple falls of largely textured fabrics frame views of exterior landscaping. Simple roman or roller blinds are used and curtains with eyelets, triple pleats or wave headings work well.

"Energy efficient LED lighting is used throughout. To avoid trip and fall hazards table lamps and standing lamps are fixed in place, cables kept discrete and tidy an on/off switches should be obvious and contrasted. Ceiling and wall lighting minimises glare and provides a homely atmosphere.

"To promote a sense of community, we are making our retirement communities visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing, a friendly and inviting place where people feel at home and where they can interact with like-minded people."

We're building brand new retirement communities in desirable locations throughout the UK. Brio Landale Court in Chapelton, a new town in Aberdeenshire (which has prices starting at £242,000 to buy and £365pw to rent) and Brio Button House in the London Borough of Sutton (which has prices starting at £320,000 to buy and £575pw to rent) are now open. While Brio Beechwood Park in Stow-on-the-Wold (which has prices starting at £350,000) is currently under development.

Showhomes are available to view at all of our communities, and if you are considering a move and would like to sample what a Brio life is like you can book in for a short stay on our 'Try before you buy' programme.

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