The town of Chapelton recently welcomed its first community library, after we donated a collection of books in honour of National Storytelling Week 2018 (27th January – 3rd February).

The books, which will be located in a quiet corner of the popular Teacake Café, will act as a community library corner, or a book swap, where we hope residents of all ages will be able to swap, read and discuss some of their favourite books and stories.

To mark the start of National Storytelling Week, an annual event that celebrates the traditional art of sharing stories, Caroline, the Duchess of Fife, met with the owner and manager of Teacake Café, Bob Miller and our sales manager, Vivian Bisset to open the new library corner to members of the public.

Shared experiences, activities and developing new skills are at the heart of our aims for Brio Chapelton, which is why the team hope that the library will act as a central hub for the community and go on to inspire community book clubs and reading groups.

Brio Chapelton will feature a range of facilities including a brasserie and an outdoor space with a fire pit and exercise trails, a bespoke programme of activities including photography, Tai Chi, shopping trips and flexible technology, enables residents to easily keep in touch with family and arrange care appointments as and when they need extra support.

Homes are now under construction, with the first phase due for completion in early 2019.

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