We are building 94 new homes at our first retirement village in Chapelton, a mixture of one and two bedroom cottages and apartments with a range of layouts to suit different tastes, lifestyles and space requirements. We have designed these beautiful homes from scratch, down to the very last detail and when it came to naming the homes, we couldn’t think of a more fitting approach than taking inspiration from famous Scottish clans.

The Buchanan properties, which boast modern interiors complete with one bedroom, are named after the Lowland clan, whose motto is ‘Shall Grow Brighter’. We thought the name of this clan would perfectly reflect the bright and airy design of these cottages, inspiring their residents to thrive and grow while living at Brio Chapelton.

As one of the most powerful Scottish clans, we wanted to acknowledge The Campbell clan and their motto of ‘Not Forget’. To us, this echoes our Brio vision as we hope to encourage people to embrace new hobbies, skills and find new passions and interests. Too many people forget to take time to enjoy the things they love just because they are retired, but with a large living area suited to entertaining and easy access to village life, the communal garden and local shops and cafes, we are confident the Campbell cottage will inspire new shared experiences for all its inhabitants.

It’s always challenging to move house, especially from a family home, but we hope that the stunning, two-storey Ferguson cottage will make the move a little easier, especially as the Ferguson clans motto is ‘Sweeter After Difficulties’. There’s plenty of room for family and friends to stay too as the stunning 823 square feet property also includes a second bedroom and a large kitchen.

At 1023 square feet, The Grant homes are some of the most spacious on the site, with large bedrooms, living areas and wardrobe/dressing area. The aptly titled properties have been named after the Highland clan Grant, whose Motto is ‘Stand Fast, Stand Sure’. Together as a community we are stronger than we are alone. Our aim is that all of our residents feel secure and content in their homes, which is why we have worked hard to create areas that encourage a community environment, supported by a dedicated village manager.

Our homes also include The Dunbar, The Chilsolm and The Fraser. The Dunbar homes are named after the Dunbar clan, whose motto was ‘In Readiness’ and The Chisolm is inspired by its namesakes’ fierceness. We want our residents to thrive and feel independent in their new lives so The Fraser cottages embody the motto of hope as individuals or couples start a new phase in their lives.

The village will also include stunning apartments which include Macalpin, Mackay, Malcolm, Murray, Rose, Sinclair, Lamont, Lenox, Macdonald, Macleod, Macneb, Matheson, Munrol, Robertson and Sutherland, all of whom have fascinating histories and approaches to life which are permeating through our new village in Chapelton.

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