Live longer better with Sir Muir Gray

We are supporting British physician, Sir Muir Gray, in his effort to change how we all approach wellbeing in later life.

Discover more about the optimal ageing programme and our work to encourage others to live better longer...

Optimal ageing with Sir Muir Gray

Sir Muir Gray is one of Britain’s leading public health doctors and is an internationally renowned authority on healthcare systems worldwide.

Alongside his successful career in public health, Muir is passionate about ageing and how to embrace it with positivity that leads to a longer, healthier existence. Here, Muir shares his views on ageing with Brio Retirement Living together with some simple rules that can help us all to live better for longer...

Learning to live longer better

We’ve teamed up with Sir Muir Gray, former Chief Knowledge Officer for the NHS, and Learning with Experts to help people over the age of 60 make active changes to their lifestyle to live longer, better.

Sir Muir has developed a course, Living Longer Better, based on extensive experience in public health and a passion for changing the way we look at the process of ageing...

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