There’s no better time to enjoy Britain’s culinary delights than British Food Fortnight!

As a nation, we benefit from a rich variety of locally sourced and home-grown produce and early autumn is when we get to ‘harvest’ the rewards. Up and down the country, our communities are perfectly located for attending locally held festivals and events to celebrate the very best of British produce.

Meanwhile, here are some other ways to mark the national celebrations and at the same time, give some much-needed support to our nation’s food and hospitality industry.

Shop British

At the supermarket, seek out British food or ingredients. Check food labels and if something’s imported, try to replace it with a British ‘in-season’ equivalent. Some shops might even organise food tastings so take the opportunity to try something new and explore produce from different regions of the country.

Shop local

Support local suppliers by sourcing ingredients at local butchers, greengrocers, farm shops and markets. Not only do they tend to have more choice, but they can also offer advice about cooking methods and what foods go well together. Pick seasonal items such as the English plum, marrow and squashes.

Pick your own

Few things are more fun than picking – and enjoying – your own fresh fruit! You could make it a family day out, rummaging in the hedgerows for blackberries or visiting a fruit and vegetable farm – then back home to start the process of stewing, jamming, baking and freezing!

Cook a classic

Why not celebrate British Food Fortnight – and an end to restrictions – by tucking into a British classic with friends and family? If you really wanted to impress, you could decorate the table with leaves, pine cones and berries and serve up an autumnal feast of heart-warming soup, local breads and speciality cheeses.

Give back

Although it’s nice to indulge, it’s also good to give back if we can. Packaging up a simple food hamper for a local harvest festival is a great way to help your community. Or stock up on tinned British classics at the supermarket and donate them to your local food bank.

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