We’re delighted to share that we have appointed a NEW wellbeing ambassador to champion living well in later life!

Sylvia Nicoll, our General Manager at Brio Landale Court, is our new ambassador and will be encouraging members of our community and the Brio Retirement Living team to live better for longer.

Sylvia started her career in nursing at the age of just 17 and went on to work in plastic surgery, neurosurgery and accident and emergency within the NHS. She then moved into the care home sector and was a regional manager overseeing care across the north east of Scotland before moving to Brio Retirement Living.

Sylvia is passionate about living well in later life. Her motto is that age is no barrier to doing anything that you want to do, and she is committed to helping people within our communities do just that.

“Retirement is just another time in your life, the beginning of a new chapter and a time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. There are no barriers, there is always a way.

“By staying well as we get older, we can make the most of this wonderful phase in our life. That’s what I’m passionate about. Helping others and making a difference in someone’s day by taking the time to help, listen and encourage them to live their life to the full is a reward in itself.”

Live life to the full

Outside her work at Brio Retirement Living, Sylvia - who has three grown up sons and six grandchildren - spends her time caring for her two horses and competing in amateur cross-country, show-jumping, and dressage competitions.

She also loves going on holiday and has ventured to far-flung countries over recent years, including Bali, Thailand, Dubai, India, and South Africa. Making the most of every moment in life is something that Sylvia is keen to encourage.

“Whatever our age, there is so much in life to be enjoyed and if there is something we want to do, we shouldn’t hold back.

“For me, life in a Brio community allows people to do just that. With the freedom and independence to live life as they wish in their own home, members of our community have all the support and facilities they need to really enjoy their retirement years.

She added: “I love the variety in my job. No two days are the same and talking to other people to hear about their life experiences, you find out such astonishing things. It’s fantastic to help make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small.”

Live better with Brio

Sylvia’s appointment as our new wellbeing ambassador is part of our wider commitment to encourage everyone to live better for longer.

With expert advice from Sir Muir Gray, one of Britain’s leading public health doctors and advocate of living well in later life, the Brio Retirement Living team is undergoing training to complete Muir’s Living Longer Better course so that everyone has the skills to support and encourage good health and wellbeing as we get older.

We have also created a wellness hub on our website, packed with information and advice to help everyone stay well for the life they want to live.

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